Mission Trip - Honors College in Greece

May 12 - 25, 2024
(All Day)


A BU Missions team of Honors College students is serving in Greece. Students will meet and work with different groups of people in Athens, assisting with relief ministries and learning about the mission of the ancient Greek church and its modern successor.

In Athens, among the oldest cities in the world, the Apostle Paul proclaimed the gospel to the Jews and Gentiles living in the heart of Ancient Greece. The twenty-first century church in Greece continues to bear witness by making disciples and ministering in Jesus's name. In this two-week trip, we will learn about the Apostle Paul and his "mission to the Gentiles" in Athens and Corinth, while also meeting, learning from, assisting, and encouraging our brothers and sisters in Christ serving in church and para-church ministries at First Greek Evangelical Church and Hellenic Ministries.

All Honors College students are welcome to apply.

We hope that students will gain an appreciation of the living connections between the first-century and twenty-first-century church in Athens, an understanding of their respective approaches to missions and ministry, and an awareness of the challenges faced by modern refugees.