Missions Week Recap 2023

Missions Week 2023 took over Baylor's campus from October 2-5. The purpose of Missions Week is to provide mission education and elevate student awareness of service opportunities with Baylor Missions, global partners, and local organizations. Missions week accomplished just that with a combination of fun and informative events that drew students in. Join us as we recap each day of Missions Week.

October 6, 2023

Monday 10/2 - Welcome Dinner

Missions Week Monday Dinner

Missions Week kicked off with a welcome dinner that introduced students and partners both to the goals of Missions Week and its visiting organizations. This was a great opportunity for fellowship and the perfect start to the week.

Tuesday 10/3 - Tables, Panels, and the Missions Fair

Missions Week Tuesday Panels

Tuesday was full of events, information, and community with the shared purpose of educating and connecting. On Tuesday morning, students visited the Missions Organization Tables on Fountain Mall where they had opportunities to connect with the different organizations present. Tuesday also offered special topics panel sessions for students to dive deeper into their areas of interest and hear from partners who work in these areas. Some topics included: Internships with a Purpose, How to Love Your Global Neighbors, Global Healthcare and Medical Missions, and more. These sessions were the perfect opportunity for students to dive deeper into their interest areas. Tuesday came to a close with a student favorite, the Missions Fair! Here, students tasted food from different cultures, connected with Baylor Missions teams, and learned about different mission opportunities around the world.

Wednesday 10/4 - Missions Organizations Tables

Missions Week Tabling

On Wednesday, students got another opportunity to visit the Missions Organizations Tables to engage with the visiting partners. Students were able to learn more about the organizations themselves as well as service opportunities. This was an excellent way for students to consider what missions opportunities they may be interested in.

Thursday 10/5 - Local Organization Tables

Missions Week Local Tables

The week drew to a close, closer to home, with local organizations coming to share ways that students can get involved right here in Waco. Students were introduced to organizations that could allow them to get connected to the Waco community.


Missions Week was a great opportunity for students and organizations to get connected! The engaging events provided information that elevated and educated students on the opportunities available to them through Baylor Missions and visiting organizations.